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Patty Ebs Review:

In the 3 months of using Essential Oils and getting body treatments, swelling and pain in my feet is down. Plantar Faciitis is nearly gone with stretching and Reflexology. Doterra Vitality pack is wonderful!!, noticed drop in energy and mood when I ran out-ordered more immediately. The pack is easy to take and makes me feel great!! doterra Clary sage, whisper, Rosemary oils have really helped my menopause symptoms as well. Massage in calf and ankle area have released stress and tension in foot and toe area. Feet are now feeling great!!

Shelli K's review:

Wonderful Massage!! I have had a lot of good massages but the Ultimate Healing massage treatment that Renee specializes in, was one of the best I’v had, very thorough. Renee gets into and works the tension and stress points, areas that need to be worked, and that I asked to be worked!!

Yolanda M’s review:

The massages are very good that Renee gives me. My daughter said I would be dead without Renee’s help. I use Doterra Essential oils that really help me, also the terra green protein shakes. But mostly, I love the massages. I feel so relaxed!! The massages feel wonderful and are a great stress reliever!!

Karl W. Review:

I have been receiving treatments from Renee Waters for almost a year now for ulcerated, uric acid, pussy, infected toes that the Doctor wanted to chop off. I of course did not want my toes cut off so I sought out other alternatives to fix my dilemma. When I first came to Renee, I could hardly walk without severe pain, I could not put on a pair of shoes. Now as you can see from the pictures my toes are almost totally cleared up and I can put on a pair of shoes and walk without pain. They are not oozing with put anymore!! I thought Renee did a great job at assessing what needed to be done. The treatment was very relaxing and painless.

Ann M Review:

Are you feeling sluggish, low energy, joint pain, weight gain? I suggest visiting Renee and trying a ionic foot bath to pull all those bad toxins out of your body! You’ll be amazed on how it can change your energy level with just one ionic foot detox bath session.

Elizabeth G's review: I have been experienceing emotional trauma with anxiety. Renee helped me with an ultimate healing massage treatment with meditation and doterra essential oils. Her spirit is very welcoming and her voice, very peacful and calming which helped me get thru a very tough time in my life..

Anon'sI Review: A new client came in for her second paid treatment. She told me that she had alot of judgments about me the first time and wasn't sure she wanted to come back for her second treatment, but decided to anyways. She said the second experience--today was totally different then the first experience. and yes..I did notice the first time that she was very sensitive and I was definitely feeling judged for everything just about that I said and did..but she gave me a hug when she left and realized alot of what she was feeling was her own insecurities or whatever??

Jami W. review:

When I arrived for my ultimate healing massage treatment with reflexology and cranial sacral therapy session, my body felt overall “unwell” I had a rough week with back and shoulder pain and an overall sense of out of sorts. Mid-way through my session, my body felt completely uplifted and overcome with a new sense of balance. My spirits were even uplifted!! Today was a wonderful day of healing for my whole self..Thank you Renee!!

Rosie L. review: I have been coming to Renee for Massage therapy & Nutritional consultations for about 8 years now. Massage therapy has helped my circulation in many ways to get into good health and start enjoying a better life. Essential oils and herbs have helped me to try and stay ahead of my cellulitis problem which has been a problem for many years

BB’s Review: I have been seeing Renee once a month for about 12 years. I always look forward to the massages. Renee does a deep tissue massage. I had gone to a couple other places before I started coming to Renee. Her prices are also more reasonable compared to the others.

M.H. Review: I have always been a person with very tight muscles. Renee’s massages have helped me very much, especially in the lower back!! I would recommend her to anyone, I know!!

Karen K. review: Always enjoy my time spent with Renee whether it’s Reflexology or the ionic foot bath. She has a wealth of information and always willing to address any issue or concern you have without prescribing medication. You will not be dissappointed! She goes above an beyond to insure healthy alternatives!

Tracy’s F. Review: I come especially to Renee for the Meddi cupping experience! The Meddicupping Process reaches layers deeper and I find more results from this therapy than other things I have tried!

Mike J. Review: I have been coming for the past 5 years. Ear candling has been a great help in relieving pressure and congestion in my ears. It has helped in avoiding the onset of far more serious colds, as has the Doterra On Guard Essential oil blend that Renee makes for me. It quickly breaks up congestion and relieves sinus pain. I’ve always had massages, which relieve neck and shoulder tension. Renee’s Reflexology massages are quite successful in relieving tension and prevention of the onset of colds and sinus infections. Very well worth the money that I spend to see her!!

Bobbie Z. Review: I have been coming to Renee for massages on and off for several years. Therapeutic massages have helped me a great deal. I enjoy learning about how my body works and what herbs can improve certain conditions. Natural remedies that Renee offers are always the best!!

Tracy M Review: the sensation of healing and improvement is abundant with each session. Increased mobility and better balance each week. Thank you Renee!!

Roberta Zarn's Review: I had a treatment including the Q1000 laser and the Russian Scaner. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Renee’s work!! I woke up the next morning and I couldn’t believe how light and pain free I felt!! It was worth the extra $15 it cost…you can’t put a price on feeling good!!

Norm L Review: On first visit to doctor after 5 days of hospitalization and testing, the doctor said the kidneys are functioning at 15%. On the second visit the doctor said kidneys were working at 18%-didn’t need kidney dialysis yet but should educate ourselves by going to the dialysis center so they could explain how it works and what they would be doing. 3rd visit kidneys working at 13%. Doctor recommended Kidney dialysis. In thinking about all this, we talked about it and didn’t feel very comfortable about going to dialysis for the rest of my life.

Then, we talked about alterative healing, we decided to go to The Country Doctor, naturopath Renee Waters. When I came to Renee I was in a lot of pain in my back and body, had symptoms of kidney failure, quite fatigued. After following an extensive program of diet, doTERRA essential oils, nature sunshine urinary system program, barley water etc..I am feeling so much better, my pain is almost gone in my body and my kidney symptoms are much improved!!

Char H Review: Our dog has been healed! Hunter is 12 years old, took a fall on our driveway and tore both ACL’S and the meniscus on both hind legs. He could not walk!! We prayed! God answered. We took him to three Experts, one being an orthopedic surgeon who informed us he would never walk again. We believed he would! And asked for wisdom; God led us and gave us council from Naturopath, Renee Waters. We began to incorporate massage, acupressure, laser and use Doterra Essential oils. Renee also recommended MSM-Glucosamine cream, comfrey powder poultice w/ castor oil and the Next level (found at Fleet farm). It was a huge undertaking, Renee came once a week for about 45 minutes for 4 weeks. I agreed to do this because my son agreed to carry Hunter in and out of the house for potty breaks. Little by little Hunter was improving, especially after we changed his diet to real food like meat, bone broth and coconut oil. Today he is walking, even trotting. My philosophy is now “give the body what it needs and it will heal” I am so grateful to God and also Renee Waters for helping us find an alternative to saving our dog’s life and getting him better naturally and without drugs or surgery!!

Char H Review: I have been struggling with systemic candida for 2 years. Doctor are so limited!! I started taking essential oils seriously and seeing much improvement. The Onguard beadlets have really been helping me!! I take 3 twice a day and I have not had to take the prescription drug…I also take NSP silver shield, 1 tbsp. daily. Renee has been giving me Reflexology treatments once a week, I believe it has really boosted my immune system and helped my stress levels. I came to Renee very sick weighing only 103 lbs. I have been able to gain 15 lbs…for the first time in over 2 years. I feel like I want to live now…….…Beware of healing crisis though…...you must let your body cleanse, sometimes that means you will feel worse before you feel better!! Stay the course…...healing takes time!!

Joe H Review: On guard beadlets for influenza: My whole family was hit with the flu all at once..high fever, chills, body aches. My husband started with the Onguard beadlets right away as well as my son. The beadlets really helped them fight the symptoms fast, no work lost and the influenza only lasted for two days..I am a big believer in the On guard beadlets!!

Kathi Mc Review: Over the past three years, I have had several trauma causing injuries…I became very anxious and tired—hence the need for meds.. I had recently gotten off of them but was noticing more anxiety and fatigue . I was about to give up and go back on the Meds when I found The Country Doctor, Renee Waters.

My first visit Renee did a Iris consultation and a Reflexology session. She noticed my nervous system was blocked and emotional sensitivity. I started on the Doterra emotional Aromatherapy Kit and the NSP Nervous System pack. Within a few days, I could feel a difference. It’s been several weeks and I am doing better. We continue to do the Reflexology and the Ultimate Healing Body Treatment. I look forward to feeling more and more my old self again!!

Before, you get caught up in drugs, which just mask your problems, but may appear to be helping. I would recommend a visit to The Country Doctor, Renee Waters..Naturopath..

Mark H Review: I’ve been coming to Renee W, The Country Doctor since 1984 for over a year for Foot Reflexology Treatments…I look forward to my time of rest and relaxation every week. Renee does an excellent job of both patient care mentally, physically and emotionally…I would highly recommend Renee and I look forward to working together with her in the future..

Ann W Review: I have known Renee for 12 years. I have brought my kids to her when they were with various things: cold, congestion, sinus issues, fever, bad attitudes. She has so much knowledge, is so very approachable and helpful. She is also very accommodating with appointments. We are so fortuntuate to have Renee as a Local Natural Health Practitioner!! I admire her quest for knowledge and new ways, as well as age old remedies.

Helen G Review: Renee and I met “by chance” twenty-five years ago. Our relationship since then has been one of great benefit and learning for me. While some people like quiet during their sessions, I engage Renee in meaningful conversations about physical and spiritual aspects of life. She is earnest about helping her clients and I go to her regularly.

Norm L Review: Norm came to see me originally because he was diagnosed with kidney failure and Doctor’s wanted him to go on Kidney dialysis, his wife said “go see Renee-see if she can help you” Norm had a lot of pain in his back and hips when he first started Body Treatments with me. I recommended a series of kidney herbs and teas for him to drink and of course a gluten free diet!! Norm’s doctor said that it was probably the drug Metforman that he was taking for his Diabetes that caused his kidney failure and took him off that drug after 10 years of being on it.. I immediately went to work and researched the best diet and herbal program for him…..which included baths, skin brushing, Barley water, Doterra Essential oils, rolling a golf ball on his feet in the kidney region everyday, etc. etc. He just reported to me today, that his doctor said all his numbers came back good and his kidney’s are stable…what great news!! Praise God!! Giving the body what it needs so it can heal naturally is the best gift a person can give to him/herself!!!

Denise W's review: when my son was three, during a mandatory preschool physical check-up, in a moment of weakness (or non-thinking). I allowed a traditional MD to prescribe his 1st antibiotic. After an immediate reaction to the medication, he also developed chronic sinus issues. We saw three non-traditional doctors (across 3 cities and 2 states). With minimal success, had an unnecessary surgery, where the MD ended our relationship by throwing his hands in the air and advising me to see someone else (in other words: after performing this unnecessary surgery and handing me a bill in the thousands of dollars, he admitted he had no idea what was going on with my son’s sinuses!). Once we started with Renee Waters, I was immediately impressed by the time she invested in understanding the whole issue. With some aggressive supplements and foot reflexology my son was relieved of his symptoms for the first time in 4 years. In about 6-8 weeks! We continue treatments on a less frequent schedule, sort of as “maintenance”. Renee is always willing to share knowledge and make suggestions for ongoing health care. Definitely feel we received more than we payed for.

Nancy Rep Review: I am very happy to report that after my initial Reflexology appointment, I felt very relaxed, even though I was sore for about 3 days after. My pain in my legs actually went away (the reason I came in to see Renee) and I felt more energized!! If anyone is skeptical about trying Foot Reflexology don’t be!!! It feels amazing and soooo..relaxing..

  • I have worked on clients with severe emotional problems with great results
  • I have had much success with foot, hand, back, & neck injuries
  • I have many clients with anxiety issues and are not able to relax where body work and my techniques work like a charm
  • I have clients come to see me with addictions and food cravings
  • I have clients that receive help with prostate and menopause problems
  • A large bulk of my clients have some kind of food allergy or stress & tension issue that I help them through with relatively a low cost to them.
  • I do EFT emotional release work. I help a number of my clients with emotional issues (fear, anger, forgiveness)
  • I have helped young girls with menstruel and cramping issues.
  • and much much more....God has blessed me abundantly with healing Gifts